Father Danny


NAME:      Father Danny

ROLE:       Command Chaplain

POSITION:   Command Padre Rep


I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Gibraltar in 1986.  I served in the Cathedral Parish until 1995, when I moved to St. Bernard's Church on Europa Road.  I became the Catholic Officiating Chaplain to the Military and a Reservist Chaplain attached to the Gibraltar Regiment.  I was also Chaplain to Westside Comprehensive School, Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School and St. Bernard's Hospital for several years.  In January 2000 I joined The Royal Army Chaplaincy Department as a Regular Army Chaplain.  I have served in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany and Cyprus and I have been deployed to Kosovo, Canada, Kenya and Iraq.  In September 2019 having come to the end of my army engagement I was offered a Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) in the Royal Navy and assignment to British Forces Gibraltar. 

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