Miss Tricia Wood

NAME:      Miss Tricia Wood

ROLE:       EYFS Leader



I have been teaching for 24 years.  I have specialised in Early Years Education and believe whole heartedly in the value of early education, as it is firmly at the heart of all i do for the young children in my care.  To be part of their first steps into education and learning that is the fundamental to how they will view learning for the rest of their life's is an honour and privilege.

I am committed to providing the best opportunities for the children in St. Christophers, whilst ensuring as EYFS Leader that the staff have the appropriate resources and ability to support our chidren.

Working for MOD schools across Germany, Cyprus and now Gibraltar has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of how to support our children.  It is an honour to work for our Forces families and a privilege to work with their children, our next generation. 

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