Paula McCarney

NAME             Mrs Paula McCarney

ROLE              PRMC Health Visitor

POSITION 1    Children & Young People Nurse

POSITION 2    SGC Community Rep

I have been working as the SSAFA Health Visitor in British Forces Gibraltar for just over seven years.  Previously I worked in British Forces Germany for three years and prior to that in the NHS for many years as a health visitor.  My job within the Command encompasses the role of Named Nurse for Safeguarding and my overall responsibility is provision of the UK's Deparment of Health's Healthy Child Programme (HCP) which is a national public health programme to achieve good outcomes for all children from pregnancy through to 19 years of age.

The HCP, led by the SSAFA Health Visitor and SSAFA Children and Young People's Nurse (CYPN), offers every child a schedule of health and development reviews, screening tests, immunisations, health promotion guidance and support for parents tailored to their needs, with additional support when needed at key times.

I became a member of the School Governance Committee for the Early Years Unit in January 2017 with the objective of embracing the three main roles of the committee - to provide a strategic view to act as a critical friend and to ensure accountability.  I rotate attendance at the School Governance Meetings with my colleague Judith Marsh, SSAFA CYPN.


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