As our school is an MOD School, the school determines the admissions arrangement with DCYP (Direcorate Children & Young People).  DCYP is therefore the 'Admissions Authority' for our school.  The regulations for entry to each school, where the admissions authority is DCYP, are published on the UK GOV website  Detials can also be found in JSP 342.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision at St. Christopher’s School is available, free of charge, to children the term after their third birthday through to the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage for children of entitled personnel working for the Joint Forces Command in Gibraltar.  The end of the Foundation Stage is the end of the Foundation 2 or Reception year. Children join Year One at local schools in the academic year of their sixth birthday.

EYFS provision is not preparation for ‘proper’ school. It is a separate and distinct phase of education. The emphasis in the EYFS is all about fostering independence, a positive attitude to learning, developing social skills and an approach to valuing learning through play.

For many children it will be their first experience in a group setting. We aim to work in genuine partnership with parents, other adults and agencies who are involved in the care and development of young children. We value the breadth and diversity of experience that children bring with them from their family and home and it is our aim to build on this learning whilst covering an EYFS Curriculum carefully matched to the needs and interests of each unique child. Our environment supports this commitment as the EYFS at St. Christopher’s is housed at HELM Point with 2 large open plan rooms, one for Foundation Stage 1 and the other for Foundation Stage 2 to work together. The EYFS has its own dedicated toilet and washing facilities and a fenced playground area for outdoor play. It also has a big community centre where the FS2 children have their daily lunches and PE session every Wednesday morning for FS1 children and Wednesday afternoon for FS2 children.

Please download a copy of our Admissions Booklet below to find out more about what we offer and how to join us.

If your child has Special Educational Needs' then it is important that you contact the Ministry of Defence's Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) PRIOR to coming to Gibraltar.  This will ensure that your child has matched provision wherever possible and that the most suitable setting environment is provided.  However, on rare occasions due to our unique context, it may not be possible to meet some particular needs.  It therefore becomes imperative that CEAS are informed as soon as possible in order to consider your child's needs in advance.

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